Findata offers services

  • for those needing data (customers) and
  • for those controlling data (controllers)

All Findata services relate to the secondary use of health and social data.

Findata can assist you in situations where

  • data from several different controllers is being combined,
  • the register data originates from private social welfare and health care service providers


  • the data is stored in Kanta services. Findata will be handling data from the Kanta services from the beginning of 2021.

We provide advice and guidance by email at and by telephone +358 (0) 29 524 6500. Our telephone service is open weekdays 9am – 11am and 12pm – 4pm.

If you need health and social data for secondary use, click Services for customers.

If you are a controller of health and social data, click Services for controllers.